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Service Values and Strategies


     The Office of the City Engineer shall endeavor to uphold the following values in order to achieve its mission and vision:

C-ommitment of competent employees towards quality and customer oriented service.

A-ction on making things happen by employing adaptable and innovative plans and strategies in responding to the changing needs of our customers.

R-espect among peers and customers in all transactions by manifesting at all times the values of professionalism and the spirit of good rapport.

T-eamwork to foster oneness of mind and action in achieving common goals through excellent performance of the employees.

S-ystem to make things fast, efficient and effective by rendering prompt, responsive and quality service to the customers.


B-enchmarking technological systems that are adaptable and responsive to our customers.

E-nhanced personal values, career advancement and competitiveness through trainings, seminar-workshops and study grants where all employees will be motivated to reach their absolute potential.

N-etworking other line agencies for fast, effective and efficient services by establishing solid cooperation and healthy partnership with them.

C-onduct series of consultative and participatory meetings in order to respond better to the needs of the customers to effect outstanding public service.

H-armonious environment among peers and customers where honesty, friendship, camaraderie and fair treatment to all are preserved, cultivated and encouraged.