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Divisions and Their Functions


     The Environment and Natural Resources Office shall undertake the simultaneous implementation, enforcement and monitoring of various legislation concerning environment and natural resources: Pollution Control Law, Forestry Laws   and Mining Laws as follows:
• Formulate measures for legislative enactment to provide technical assistance and support to the local chief executive’s programs/projects to ensure delivery of basic services and adequate facilities related to environment and natural resources;

• Develop plans and strategies for environmental and natural resources programs that the local chief executive may implement which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide;

• Direct frontline services concerning environment and natural resources during and in the aftermath of man-induced or natural calamities/disasters;

• Recommend to the Sanggunian and/or advice the local chief executive on all matters relative to the protection, conservation, maximum utilization and adoption of appropriate technology related to environment and natural resources;

• Direct the establishment, maintenance and protection of communal forests, watersheds, greenbelts and mangroves; and

• Coordinate with government agencies and non-governmental organizations in the enforcement of laws related to environment and natural resources.

• Provides administrative support  services requirement of the office;

• Performs all aspect of administrative work as required; and

• Performs supply management and internal control functions.

• Implementation of the City’s Solid Waste Management Program;

• Monitors the efficiency of garbage collection and disposal, sweeping of city streets, operation of material recovery facilities and landfill operation/management;

• Handles and conducts repair and maintenance of all government –owned solid waste collection vehicles, machineries and earth-moving/heavy equipments;

• Formulate plans and strategies to ensure delivery of basic frontline services pertaining solid waste storage, transfer and the provision of necessary equipment and adequate facilities;and

• Conduct preliminary studies for the expansion of waste collection service area.

• Implementation and performance of devolved functions:
  • Forest Management  - enforcement of Forest Laws, implementation of the Integrated Social Forestry Projects, Community Forestry Projects and establish new regular reforestation projects;

  • Protected Areas and Wildlife - establish, protect and maintain tree parks, greenbelts and tourist attractions, regulation of flora and fauna, implementation of the Rich in Conservation Hotspots (RICH) and the conservation of Rare and Endangered Species (CARE);

  • Environmental Management - enforcement of pollution control and environmental laws, coordinate/confer with Barangay Officials and stakeholders to adopt best practices in solid waste management; Conduct information, education and communication activities among various sectors o waste generators and monitor the enforcement and compliance to pertinent laws, rules and regulations; apprehension and testing of smoke belching vehicles;

  • Mines and Geo-Science Development - enforcement of small-scale mining law, issuance of permit for guano collection and to extract gravel and other quarry resources, verification and adjudication of conflicts on collection of fees and charges for guano collection and extraction of gravel and other quarry resources; and

  • Land Management  - conduct of cadastral and lot surveys, conduct of isolated and special surveys.