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Why Do Business in Zamboanga City ?





          The primordial goal of Zamboanga City along with her constituents is to see a fully -industrialized and developed city that is economically flourished with the entry of foreign and domestic capital that will create profitable  industries thereby, providing employment and livelihood opportunities to its people, harnessing economic competitiveness in various economic business centers, and diversifying products and services which are sold to the internal and external markets.

      With its financial and economic capital as engines of socio- economic growth, Zamboanga City's  policy of attracting and welcoming local and foreign investors could undeniably result to a more equitable distribution of wealth and a sustainable, moral, just, habitable and prosperous "Asia's Latin City" imbued with culturally enriched, globally competitive and empowered community.

      In order to attain all these, the City of Zamboanga is proud to set forth its competitive economic advantages and business agenda over other cities in the Region. Thus, what makes Zamboanga City an investor- friendly business spot ? Is Zamboanga worth investing your time, money and efffort ? 

      The answer is a big YES ! 

      Here are  15  reasons :

1.  Physical Characteristics

           The City's physical characteristics have the following advantages :
                >  It has an even distribution of rainfall.
                >  It has no liquefaction prone area.
                >  It is outside of the typhoon belt.
                >  It is outside of major fault lines / no active volcanoes.

2.   Geographical Advantages

-  Zamboanga City is the   gateway to BIMP - EAGA ( Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines -East Asia Growth Area )  ---- the only international airport and international seaport in the region.  

- It is the only city with an Economic Zone ( Ecozone ) and Freeport in the Visayas and Mindanao. 

- The City is accessible by air and sea from the key centers of Manila, Cebu and Davao. 

- It is the transshipment point for domestically and internationally traded products. 

- There are vessels plying  Zamboanga - Sandakan, Malaysia route.

3.  Key Economic Advantages

- The City's profitable and sustainable economic activities are manufacturing, service establishment, trading, exports and   agri-fishery.  
-   The City is also known as the Sardine Capital of the Philippines, and the commercial, industrial, banking, education, convention, sports, medical, tourism, and de-facto government center of the Region.

4.  Cheapest Utility rates 
Electric and water costs in the City are the cheapest in the region and one of lowest in the country.

5.  Presence of Regional Financial Center

The City accounts for 40% of commercial banks in the region. This means you can open an account from various commercial and even government banks located in the City.

6.  Presence of Regional Educational Center

- It has 3 universities, 16 tertiary schools, 28 vocational schools, and 8 research institutions - -among which is the coconut research center in the country.

- The only City in the Region with a medical school.

7.   Human Resource Competitiveness

It has the biggest number of professional and skilled workers in the Region.

8.   Easiest Access to Transportation

Zamboanga City is well known for its faster, cheaper and accessible modes of transportation.  

9.   Complete Medical Facilities

The City is endowed with the most complete  and up-to-date medical facilities and medical expertise or specialists in the entire Region. 

10.   Toursim Center of the Region

 With its rich flora and fauna, wide array of luxurious white beaches and resorts as well as  sumptuous and mouth watering seafood and local dishes, Zamboanga City has accounted  for 66.8% tourist arrival compared to other cities and provinces in the Region.

11.   Tax Incentives

 It offers tax incentives for investors, ( see City Investment Incentive Code Ordinace No. 259 , Series of 2003 ) 

12.   Political Stability

The establishment of two congressional districts directed the City Government  even more  to a common goal of effective and efficient public service delivery anchored on good governance, as well as accountability and transparency in the local government which includes business operations and other economic activities .

13.  Investors' Rights and Privileges

-In order to enhance investor confidence in the City, prospective investors will be provided with a concise and comprehensive information on the economic priorities of the City Government, including target investment areas and general conditions applicable to incoming direct private investments.         

- They will likewise be informed about the stability, growth and profit in their operations and the formulation of policies and ordinances that affect investments.

- Prospective investors would be kept abreast about investment evaluation criteria and procedures to enhance tranparency in the process of granting government incentives.

-They shall be provided with construction of access road and drainage and facilitate the connection from plant site to national highway, and the connection of utilities to the plant site provided that the right-of-way shall have been donated to the City of Zamboanga.

14.  Industrial Peace among Investors

The City Government of Zamboanga through the Local Investment Board shall endeavor to maintain industrial peace through negotiations and agreement for a moratorium from strikes & approval of the registration.

 15.  Investment Incentives in Favor of the Investor

The City of Zamboanga through the Local Investment Board shall resolve all doubts concerning the benefits and incentives granted under the ordinances enacted for the purpose of encouraging investment, in favor of the investor. 

     With all these benefits, rights and privileges laid down by the city government, Zamboanga City, Asia's only Latin City, is worth exploring. 

      Zamboanga’s tremendous diversity of people and culture, its vibrant economy, its potentials and unique location, it’s people’s distinct charm and hospitality make Zamboanga the undisputed epicenter of activities ….evolving, reinvigorating, emerging  as a unique premiere city of Southeast Asia that is not only a tourist haven but also a melting pot of profitable business enterprises and   economic growth opportunities.