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Annual Accomplishment Report

                                         Republic of the Philippines

                                     OFFICE OF THE CITY TREASURER

                                               Zamboanga City

                                         ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT


      The estimated revenue collection for the year 2007 of the City Government of Zamboanga is P 1,245,310,926.  At the closing of 2007, the City collected the amount of P 1,395,315,854.81 from all local sources , exceeding the target by P 150,004,928.81.

      In comparison to the collection of the previous year, the collection made in 2007 is 12.05 % higher.

       The 2007 election from the different local sources are as follows :

       Local Taxes                         P    186,414,144.84

       Permits and Licenses                   18,404,382.09

       Service Income                           25,771,095.32

       Business Income                           4,332,260.38

       Economic Enterprise                     31,448,152.74

       Other Income                              44,216,853.87

       IRA                                         1,057,315,768.00

       Real Property     

           Basic and SEF                          87,078,161.84

              For this year 2008, we shall exert all effort to try to meet the target collection of the City.

                                                                         SOLEDAD L. LI 

                                                                         City Treasurer