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Fiscal Policy of the City Government of Zamboanga

                       Fiscal Policy of the City Govenment of Zamboanga

1.  Petty Cash

a.       Each accountable officer whose total cash accountability is  P 5,000.00 An below shall not be bonded. The Cash Advance shall be sufficient for the recurring expenses of the office for one month. The Accountable Officer may request replenishment of the cash advance when the disbursements reach at least 75% or as the need requires, by submitting a replenishment voucher with all supporting documents duly summarized in a report of disbursements.
b.      The Cash Advance shall not be used for payment of regular expenses, such as rentals, subscriptions, light and water and the like. Payments out of the cash advance shall be allowed only for amounts not exceeding P 1,000.00 for each transaction.
c.       Cash Advance for petty shall initially be charged to account Other Maintenance and Operating Expenses and upon replenishment be charged to contingency of the proper expenditures account  .

d.      Each office shall have strong Internal Control to record financial transactions and to determine availability of contingencies in each account. In case no contingency is available, proper procurement process under RA 9184 should be observed.

e.       Expenses charge to Petty Cash or Cash Advance of P 5,000.00 and below shall not be subject to BAC recommendations/ resolutions. Furthermore, splitting of transactions to avoid exceeding the ceiling shall not be allowed.

2. Cash Advance

a.       Cash Advance above P 5,000.00 , the Special Disbursing Office must be bonded.

b.      Shall be given only for specific purpose and must be indicated in their Disbursement Voucher or OR.

c.       BAC recommendations / resolutions are required prior to the actual purchase.

d.      When a cash advance is no longer needed or has not been used for a period of two ( 2) months, it must be returned or refunded immediately.

e.       All cash advances shall be fully liquidated at the end of each year and refund any unexpended balance to the City treasury who will issue the necessary official receipt.

f.        A new cash advance may be granted at the start of the year.

g.       Elected officials may be granted cash advance only for their official traveling expenses.

3.  Water and Electricity Services

a.       Shall be done through direct contracting pursuant to Sec. 50 ( c ) of RA 9184. Applicable only to ZCWD and ZAMCELCO.

b.      BAC recommendation is required.



4.  Telecommunications ( Landline and Cellular phones )

a.       Existing telephone and cellular lines with contractual agreements previously entered into with telecommunications companies shall be respected. Therefore, direct contracting under Sec. 50 ( c) of RA 9184 shall apply. Also, BAC recommendation is required.

b.      Repeat order under Sec. 51 of RA 9184 may be resorted if additional line lines are needed during the year. ( GPPB Res. No. 019-2006 ) BAC recommendation is required.

c.       For new lines, competitive bidding if more than one service contractor operating within the area. In case only one service contractor – Direct Contracting.

5. Internet Service Provider  ( ISP )

   a. Existing ISPs with previously contract agreement shall be respected under  
       direct contracting. BAC recommendation is required.
   b.  For new ISPs – Public bidding .