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Accomplishment Report 2007

2007 Highlights Reports

I. Medical and Dental Missions

1. Conducted 31 Regular Medical and Dental Mission in the different barangays in the city in coordination with other government and private/civic organizations.

2. “Dia de Ma’am Caling” Medical/Dental Outreach with Specialty Clinic-April 26, 2007 
*-More than 900 beneficiaries
3. Servicio Medical na Fiesta Pilar- October 10, 2007
* -More than 1000 beneficiaries

II. Programs on Dengue Control and Prevention

1. Dengue Noise Barrage (Barangay Level) March 17, 2007

2. Dengue Noise Barrage and Caravan (City Wide) August 07, 2007

III. Programs on Environmental Sanitation

1. Limpiesa na Main Public Market (Fogging and Flushing) – Aug. 5, 12, 19, 2007

2. Limpiesa na Bagsakan and Sta. Cruz Market (Fogging and Flushing) Nov. 11. 2007

*-National Convention of Sanitary Inspectors of the Philippines – May 22-25, 3007

IV. Senior Citizen Care

1. Rehabilitation/Completion and Blessing of the Senior Citizen’s Ward at the Zamboanga City Medical Center

V. PhilHealth Accreditation

1. Six (6) Main Health Centers were accredited to PhilHealth for Out-Patient Benefits, maternity Package and TB-DOTS. An addition to last year’s four (4).

VI. Tuberculosis Program
1. Creation of the “Zamboanga Hermosa TB Council” with City Ordinance no. 307. The council overseas, supervises, consolidates, centralizes and unifies all reports and activities related to the NTP implementation in the city.

2. Utilizing Midwives as Sanitary Inspectors as TB Microscopists. To expand laboratory services in all Health Districts. As a result, case detection rate (70% national target) was increased from 82.3% to 96%, and cure rate (85% national target) was also increased from 82.3% to 83.5%.

3. Trained Midwives assigned in far areas and Island Barangays for Suputum Smear Preparation

VII. EPI Program

1. Activity: Mop Up Polio Immunization
    Date: March 13, 2007
    Objective: Increase Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV) Coverage in Coastal Barangays    especially Rio Hondo-Mariki
    Accomplishment: 84.41% of the Mariki Group

2. Activity: Measles Mop-up Immunization in Rio Hondo
    Date: May 11, 2007
    Objectives: to spread of Measles and to do case detection.
    Accomplishment: 37 children were given Vit A and immunized against Measles

 3. Activity: “Days of Tranquility Campaign” (OTC)
     Date: April 16-20, 2007
     Objectives: To deliver vital basic services to children with special focus of vaccination in identified conflict-affected communities.
     Accomplishment: 6-11 months- 711; 12-50 months- 209

 4. Activity: Knock-Out Tigdas
     Date: Oct. 15 to Nov. 15, 2007
     Objectives: Eliminate measles and neonatal tetanus, eradicate polio, control hepatitis B and other preventable diseases.
     Accomplishment: 97.59% immunized against measles for Zamboanga City.

2007 Highlights on STI/HIV-AIDS Program
Reproductive Health and Wellness Center

1. Conducted Rescue Operation to
     a. 41 Female Sex Workers and MSM in conducting with CSWD, Human Rights, HDES, ZCPO, last February 22, 3007.

2. Conducted STI-HIV/AIDS Education
     a. Schools-
         i. Zambowood Elementary School
         ii. Vitali National High School
         iii. John Spirig Sr. Elem. School
         iv. Southcom National High School
         v. Zamboanga City High School
         vi. Curuan National High School
         vii. Claret High School
         viii. Labuan National High School
         ix. Ayala National High School
         x. Don Pablo National High School
         xi. Zamboanga City High School

     b. Barangay
         i. Zambowood Barangay

     c. Girl Scout of Philippines

     d. BASULTA delegates

     e. Owners and Floor Managers of Association of Partnerships for AIDS Free Zamboanga
     f. Rizal and Mindpro Theaters

     g. AIDS Candlelight Memorial
     h. World AIDS Day
3. Presumptive Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections given to Males having Sex with Males (MSM) in Barangay Zambowood.

4. Extension of SHC Service to Quiniput Hospital

5. Target Site of Alternative Law on Human Rights and HIV-AIDS

6. Recipient of Tropical Disease Foundation Project thru Human  Development and Empowerment Services funded by Global Fund on HIV-AIDS
     6.1. Injecting Drug Users
     6.2. Treatment, Care and Support for PHAs

7. Served Order to Aura Massage Clinic for violations of city ordinances

8. Conduct Smearing (G/S) at City Jail and Pap Smear in Labuan in coordination with Soroptomist International in celebration of Women’s Health Month.

9. Commemorated International AIDS Candlelight Memorial last May 20, 2007 participated by different agencies.

10. Facilitated the election of officers of “Association of Partners for AIDS Free Zamboanga (APAFZ)” last May 2007.

11. Hosted local visitors/participants:
 - LGSPA: LGU responsiveness to HIV/AIDS in Basulta (Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi)

12. IHBSS Integrated HIV Behavioral Serologic Surveillance conducted last September 3-16, 2007 to High Risk Groups.

13. Fund Raising Activities: Bingo Socials and Drop a Coin Project

14. Recipient of IDU Harm Reduction Program under ADB Primex.

15. Study Tour to Indonesia on November 23-30, 2007 on IDU Harm Reduction Program.

16. Awarded 3 model entertainment establishments to Superstar Disco Pub (night Club) Tropical Health Palace (Massage Clinic) and Shai and Cris Videoke (Cocktail Lounge) during the celebration of World AIDS Day last December 15, 2007.