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2007 Accomplishment Report

            The Office of the City Agriculturist has adequately improved the state of the industries of agriculture and aquaculture in Zamboanga City for the year 2007.   With its massive information campaign programs and other significant activities, farmers and fisherfolks from the different districts of the city are aided with the up-to-date technological advances and strategies to maximize crop production and curb pest infestations.


            In 2007, 31,525 metric tons of irrigated, rainfed and upland rice were harvested from a total area of 6,787.90 hectares of land in the city.  Rice production in 2006 was only 19,727 metric tons.  Apparently, an increase of 11,798 metric tons or 59.8% over the 2006 rice yield was attained in 2007.

            The remarkable increase in rice production was attributed to the favorable weather condition during the year.  This record was attained because of the effective implementation of the Office of the City Agriculturist of all its outstanding programs and schemes as follows:

      ·    Conduct of series of technical briefings on hybrid rice, seed assistance at subsidized price;

      ·    Hybrid Rice Technology demonstration in partnership with seed companies, Farmers Led Extension (FLE) and Integrated Pest Management-Farmers Field School (IPM-FFS) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit IX and with the support of the Local Government Unit;

     ·    Provision of the Extensive Management Option to farmers in Barangays Culianan, Manicahan and Curuan to mitigate and control black bug and insect pests through light trapping, chemical application and special education on pest control; and

     ·    Seed Distribution Program under the Input Support Assistance 50:50 scheme of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit IX.  219 bags of hybrid rice seeds and 1,000 bags of inbred rice seeds were distributed to farmers in different barangays.



          Corn production in 2007 is 44% higher than in 2006, or an increase in production from 11,307.40 metric tons to 16,331.72 metric tons this year was recorded.  This development was achieved after the Office had undertaken series of trainings and seed assistance to several farmers.  The positive increase in production was also due to the favorable weather condition and less pest incidence during the year.  A total of 700 bags of hybrid yellow corn was distributed to farmers at a subsidized prize.  On the other hand, 109 bags of white corn (Open Pollinated Variety or OPV) were given to indigent farmers for free.


            Zamboanga City through the Office of the City Agriculturist was able to procure 104 kilograms of assorted vegetable seeds through its regular and special programs.  The seeds gathered were used for the implementation of “Jardin na Escuela” and “Jardin na Barangay” Projects which were participated respectively by fifty (50) schools and eight (8) barangays.  Moreover, vegetable production in the city had increased from 16,743.0 metric tons in 2006 to 22,472.55 metric tons in 2007.  An increment of 34% was reached despite the damages inflicted by heavy rain downpour from July to September 2007.

            On the other hand, the fruit production of the city had slightly decreased by 29% from 67,725 metric tons in 2006 to 47,843.7 metric tons in 2007 due to the massive damage during the rainy period from July to September 2007.  This unfavorable weather affected specifically mango production as it struck the city during the flowering and fruiting stages of mango species.

            Furthermore, banana plantation in 1,200 hectares of land in Ayala, Curuan and Vitali Districts was greatly affected by a disease known as banana bugtok.  The Office of the City Agriculturist had consequently conducted a workshop with 150 local farmers on December 4-5, 2007 to address the said plague.  This undertaking was funded by the HVCC Banana Bugtok Project of the Department of Agriculture.  Similarly, a special training was also undertaken by the Office to local mango contractors on October 5, 2007 to brief them on the right timing of spraying mango trees during off-season.

The area for industrial crops in the city, particularly rubber, had remarkably increased from 365.5 hectares in 2006 to 2,461 hectares in 2007.  Of the total area in 2007, 1,094 hectares are presently productive, which yielded 9,886.50 metric tons of production.



            In the field of aquaculture, the production was to some extent reduced due to several factors including the lack of operating capital on the part of the operators, the high cost of inputs and the adverse environmental parameters affecting the industry nationwide.  Production of bangus and prawns slightly decreased by 27% from 2,296 metric tons in 2006 to 1,807.5 metric tons in 2007.  Seaweeds produced in 2007 were a little lower by 11% from 36,525 metric tons in 2006 to 32,519 metric tons in 2007.  Similarly, the municipal fisheries of the city also decreased from 28,604 metric tons in 2006 to 23,891 metric tons in 2007 or a decrement of 16% was noted. 

            In line with the Regulatory Program, the enforcement of the City Fisheries Ordinance No. 2002-89 in 2007 generated a 6% increment in revenue amounting to Php 2,544,642.00 for the issuance of auxiliary invoices from the collection of Php 2,524,047.00 during the previous year.  In addition, the collection from the issuance of licenses and permits (e.g. Municipal Boat License, Fisheries Structures and Fishery Business Establishments) in 2007 amounted to Php 473,821.00 which is 459% considerably higher than collection of the previous year.

            The Fishery Law Enforcement Team of the Office also conducted series of sea patrol and surveillance in the city, market denial to the different wet/flea markets and massive information education campaign activities for public awareness of the fisheries laws, rules and regulations.  This endeavor was undertaken in close coordination with the Philippine National Police – Maritime Division, market inspectors, barangay officials, the Department of Justice, The City Transportation Office, the Local Government Units, national agencies and the NGOs. 


            The Office of the City Agriculturist had also conducted 103 market-matching activities in different districts of the city.  Among the commodities that were market-matched were rice, corn, assorted vegetables and fishery products.  All these commodities were entered into marketing agreement between the producers and the buyers.

            There are already three (3) sites identified for the establishment of Barangay Food Terminals, namely:  Barangay Ayala which is scheduled for launching on the first week of January 2008; Barangay Sangali which was already inspected by personnel of the Department of Agriculture Central Office; and Barangay Vitali which is still subject for verification.


            The revenue for special farming in 2007 declined from Php 72,588.00 in 2006 to Php 64,988 in 2007 or a 10% reduction in revenue. 

            The City Government of Zamboanga had also funded fifteen (15) irrigation projects amounting to Php 12,190,000,00 purposely allocated for the construction, rehabilitation and improvement of the communal irrigation systems intended to irrigate a total of 2,279 hectares of rice area in the city.  The City Government likewise allocated Php 35,500,000.00 budget for thirty-one (31) Farm-to-Market Roads while the Department of Agriculture, RFU IX under the ZIAP-ZAMPEN Project funded Php 10,800,000.00 for the same purpose.



            The Office initiated in 2007 the re-organization of 93 Rural Improvement Clubs (RICs) with 2,094 members and the organization of 8 new RICs with 240 members.  16 RIC members were carefully selected to avail of the P 3,000.00 loan from the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) to serve as the initial capital for their livelihood project.  Furthermore, 195 RIC members received their PhilHealth Identification Cards from the Honorable Mayor Celso L. Lobregat.


            The Office continuously promotes its Farm Youth Development Program in the city.  A young farmer named Edwin Francisco of Barangay Mampang was awarded as the Outstanding Young Farmer of Region IX and Outstanding Young Farmer finalist in the National Level held in Leyte in May 2007.  Likewise, Roel Lumangtad, 4-H City Federation President was conferred the first prize in the national competition on Handicraft Technology using coconut by-product.


            With an optimistic and ideal vision, the Office presented a research paper entitled “Technology Adaptability Trial on Upland Rice” during the in-house Research Review at the DA-WESMIARC, which was awarded first prize as the Most Promising Technology of the Year.  The study will benefit the impoverished citizens and will encourage them to produce their own basic food.  Upland rice has the potential of yielding chemical-free produce, as it is resistant to insect and pest damages. 

            The Office further coordinated with the Philippine Rice Institute (PhilRice) for the implementation of a demonstrative project on Diversified and Integrated Farming System (DIFS) dubbed as “Palayamanan”.  This project is currently in its pre-implementation stage.  Situational Analysis had already been conducted with the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Method for the formulation of Framing System Proposals.



            For the year 2007, the Agricultural Information System (AIS) staff made 73 press releases through tri media to update the public on fishery, rice, corn, high value commercial crops programs and other activities espoused by the Office.  Aside from the realization of 28 information campaign programs, there were also 3,932 informative materials produced by the Office which were distributed to its clientele during district activities and information campaigns.  Some of these materials had been displayed in the Farmers’ Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center for walk-in clients and researchers.

            Among the other activities spearheaded by the Office in 2007 were the distribution of fertilizers and seeds in different barangays, the Launching Ceremony of Jardin na Barangay in Taluksangay, and the Farm Family Forum held at Culianan Covered Court.



          In 2007, a total of 33,627 assorted planting materials were sexually and asexually propagated and 15,090 pieces of assorted seedlings were sold to public amounting to Php 249,065.00, which is127% higher in revenue than the previous year’s Php 109,850.00.


            In the late 2007, 728 coconut trees and 24 ornamental palm trees in some barangays were infested by a known Coconut Leaf Beettle (Brontispa longissima).  This infestation was initially observed in Barangays Pasonanca and Sta. Maria and later spread to nearby barangays of San Roque, Cabatangan, Tumaga and Lunzuran.  In response to the call of the Philippine Coconut Authority for the containment and eradication of the coconut pest, the Office of the City Agriculturist had conducted massive information campaigns and orientation to affected barangays.  Infested mature coconut trees were treated with systemic insecticide by trunk injection, while seedlings and other ornamental palm trees were sprayed with contact insecticide.